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17 August 2012 @ 10:20 pm

like the title says!
before i've had several photoblogs but the blogplatform i used sucks nowadays... i can't make posts from my phone anymore!
anyway, here's the url:
it'll be a lolita/fashion/gameblog! i'd love if you'd visit it~
cheers! ♡♡

14 August 2012 @ 12:20 pm

since i deleted the "welcome to livejournal blablaha"-post my lj became pretty ugly so why not make a post introducing myself.
my name is tova, and i'm sooon 15 years old and live in sweden.
i'm became a member here because of the lolita comms like egl, egl comm sales, daily lolita and so on. i got my first lolita dresses uhm maybe... three years ago? of course i didn't start off with brand and i don't really want to remember my first coords and so on, haha. (although i never really went through an ita stage, and i'm happy with that!)
but last year i decided that i dont want to buy any more bodyline dresses and bought my first dream dress, whip magic, and started to dress better haha. and that's pretty much it ^^
another thing that i like is GAMES!! i don't really have a favourite genre, but right now i've been playing lots of fighting games (most ff dissidia and super smash brow brawl).
when it comes to music, i loooove paramore, nirvana and ladyhawke! but also marina & the diamonds, hole, sex pistols, little boots, crystal castles, johnossi, joy division, lana del rey, M83....and the list goes on.

my tumblr: